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Our Quality Policy :

The company Vedefar distributes medical devices and medicines to dentists and hospitals. By medical devices are meant sterile single use devices as well as non-sterile single use devices. Evidently that these devices meet all actual installed and required standards, as used in dentistry as well as in the hospitals.

The company Vedefar always strives for meeting the requirements as they are installed by the Health Authorities, in relation to medical devices, medicines and in relation to their storage and distribution. The company actually needs a quality system to guarantee the quality for storage, shipment and transport of medical devices and medicines, known as GDP.

An adapted quality system allows good management. Good management means quick handling of manipulations in the company following transparent procedures. Further, management will be more efficient by having a good automation process of administrative manipulations of incoming and outgoing goods. The efficiency of this automation can be increased by having predefined procedures. Finally, Vedefar has done, in the third quarter of 2002, an important investment in its infrastructure. Vedefar rearranged its warehouse and exploitation place according to the GDP standards.

For these reasons, and also by willing to deliver a perfect service to the customers, Vedefar wants to establish a modern quality system; the correct goods on the correct destination within a reasonable lap of time, by which the quality of the merchandise needs to meet the predefined specifications.
Since medical devices manufactured by Vedefar should be in accordance with directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices and this directive, Vedefar has chosen for a quality system in accordance with ISO 9000:2001 and the quality standard ISO 13485:2003.

On the other hand compliance with regulations by the Belgian Health Authorities requires a quality system in accordance with the GDP on handling of medical devices and medicines. Vedefar made all efforts to be in accordance to the Belgian legislation and is registered under the number 51 for pharmaceutical products and under the number BE/CA01/0408-00001 for medical devices.

Therefore, Vedefar decided to maintain sufficient human and technical resources in order to be in the ability to maintain the quality system. The organisation will be audited at least 4 times a year so that the organisation, the processes and the resources can be checked and eventually adapted. Vedefar considers this way of working as the only possible way to achieve objectives, to stay in accordance to the ISO and national requirements and legislation.

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