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IM8 : Vital signs monitor

IM8 : Vital signs monitor

IM8 - Vital Signs Patient Monitor.

Extremely reliable, durable and dedicated to mobile medical applications.

  • Very light weight, dedicated to Mobile Medical Applications.
  • Numeric LED + 3.2' Graphic TFT LCD Integrative Display
  • Two Plethysmogram Waveforms > More than 10 hours long life Li-ion Battery
  • SD Card which can store more than 10,000 patients’ data and info
  • Storage of 4,000 Groups Trend Data
  •  Anti-Defibrillation and Anti-Electrosurgical Interference
  • Shockproof and Waterproof with High Reliability
  • Car Power Adaptor and Nurse Call
  • Unique 'Ambient Brightness Sensor' ensures patients for better rest > Ethernet Connection
IRIS is a full featured patient monitor which offers excellent performance for ambulance, hospital and clinic use. It may be configured with NIBP, SpO2, Tympanic Temperature, and/or 5-Lead ECG. CO2 configurations are coming soon.

The basic NIBP/SpO2 model is an ultra-accurate unit with a bright display with big numbers and crisp waveforms. It is very similar to the Datascope AccuTor Plus or GE DynaMap but priced at 1/3 to 1/2 the price. The feature set is very robust and includes: dedicated stat keys to take a BP, freeze the screen, print, silence alarms or toggle the display. There is also a rich menu structure that can be accessed using a push and rotate knob, similar to the menu structure on monitors costing $10K+. The user may modify the frequency of NIBP measurements, select NIBP table versus waveform display, adjust volume, set alarms etc. A printer is an option for $250 and allows for a permanent record.

Note that this unit is very rugged and is designed to survive drops of 5-feet. The screen is reinforced to prevent puncture and damage.

If configured with ECG, Iris can display one ECG lead waveform and ST level numeric as well as an NIBP table at the same time. Optional printer can print ECG rhythm strips.

There are a host of mounting options which include a bed-rail, pole and wall mount … as well as a rolling stand option. Other options include a 10-hour lithium ion battery as well as SD card and software for PC storage and review.

For advanced performance:
Upgrade our standard NIBP and SpO2 modules to SunTech NIBP or Nellcor SpO2 for approximately $450 each. Nellcor SpO2 can be used for better artifact rejection. Although both SunTech NIBP and Nellcor SpO2 offer advanced performance, our standard modules are excellent for both typical hospital, clinic and ambulance use.

SunTech NIBP: The Ideal Choice for On-Ambulance Operation
SunTech is the brand of NIBP used to take blood pressure on patients as they run on the treadmills in stress test systems. The SunTech Module is less sensitive to motion and is ideal for Ambulance use on off-road or bumpy road conditions.

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